Do I have to be a student to live here & do I have to attend Weber State University?
No, however we do have an age restriction of ages 18-30. If you are not a student, you must be employed full-time. You do not need to be a student at Weber State to live here.

How much is the deposit?
Our deposit is $300 (on approved credit) with $150 being non-refundable. The rest of the deposit is refundable upon move out as long as the lease has been fulfilled & there are no cleaning or damages caused by the resident.

How many residents share the apartment?
There is a total of 4 residents per apartment: 2 private bedrooms & 1 shared bedroom. Each bathroom is shared between 2 residents & the kitchen/living area are shared between all 4 residents.

What are my options for parking?
We offer 4 options for parking: North Lot – $10/mo, Front Lot – $25/mo, Garage – $25/mo, Carport – $20/mo. Parking options are first-come, first-serve so we encourage residents to select the option they want at the time of move in as we cannot guarantee that space in another lot will be available later in their lease if they want to transfer lots.

What if my roommate doesn’t pay rent or violates the rules & regulations?
Each resident is leased on an individual basis, which makes your leasing experience hassle free if your roommates do not pay rent or violate any of the rules & regulations. Residents are obligated by the lease to report any violations of rules & regulations to the management immediately.

How am I paired with roommates?
Roommate matching is done through a cutting-edge software called Compatibility. Residents will complete a questionnaire of approximately 100 questions prior to signing a lease. The software then uses an algorithm to match residents based on their lifestyle, habits, schedules, etc. While this method is not flawless, it is much better than the residents being placed with roommates at random! Should residents experience roommate issues, our staff offers Roommate Mediation to help resolve any conflicts. Residents are also encouraged to create a Bill of Rights for their unit with all roommates involvement. Residents who wish to transfer rooms/units due to roommate conflicts are subject to the Unit Transfer Fee outlined in the lease agreement.

When is rent due & how much is the late fee?
Rent is due by the 1st of each month, however late fees are not applied until 5:00 pm on the 5th of each month. The late fee is $75 with a service of notice fee of $25 for a total of $100. We do not charge daily late fees.

How can I pay rent?
The preferred method of payment for rent is through our online payment portal. We will also accept personal checks (if rent is not late), cashier’s checks, or money orders. Cash will not be accepted at any time. Other online payment methods other than our approved portal will also not be accepted.

What if I decide to get married during the term of my lease?
Should a resident choose to get legally married during the term of their lease, we offer a Marriage Out option as long as the resident meets all stipulations of the policy.

What if I decide to serve an ecclesiastical or service mission during the term of my lease?
Should a resident choose to serve an ecclesiastical or service mission during the term of their lease, we offer an Ecclesiastical/Service Mission Out option as long as the resident meets all stipulations of the policy.

What furniture do I need to bring?
Our units come fully furnished in the living room, kitchen, & bedrooms with all major furniture/appliances. Residents are responsible to bring all linens, dishes, shower curtain, decor, & personal items.

How much is the laundry & how can I pay for it?
Laundry is $1.50 per load & you can pay with quarters or a credit/debit card.

What if I have a maintenance issue?
Harrison Heights takes care of all maintenance issues, typically within 24 hours of the request. We also have an after-hours emergency maintenance line.

Is there WiFi in the apartments?
Yes, Harrison Heights provides wireless Fiber Optic Internet throughout the entire building. There is also Ethernet jacks in each bedroom giving the resident the option to hardwire into the Internet as well.

What if I need to move out before my lease ends?
Residents are responsible for rent through their lease end date. In the event they need to move early, they can either buyout of their lease by paying the remaining months or sell their contract on their own as long as they meet all stipulations of the policy.